Powershell Studio 2015 Solarized Color Scheme

I’ve been playing around with a trial version of Powershell Studio 2015 an I must say it’s pretty nice! I don’t typically do GUIs with Powershell, but if I did this would be an amazing tool. Overall there are some great features that really provide some value if you need to move up to a professional editor.

I thought I’d share the color scheme I’ve been using for the script editor:


This is a port of Solarized and it looks pretty good in Powershell Studio! If you’d like to add this as a preset scheme just copy the text below and save it in your presets folder at %appdata%’SAPIEN\PowerShell Studio 2015\Editor Presets.

NOTE: I used the font Source Code Pro from Adobe in the screenshot, but since this is not a Windows included font, I used Lucida Console in the preset file. Feel free to change this as you see fit.



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